I’ve been devising and delivering a wide range of creative workshops for children and adults for over ten years. These workshops often relate to my design work around human impact and ecology that I want to share with wider audiences. My recent research is about using movement of the human body as a creative research tool in art and storytelling. I’m currently offering workshops in the following three formats.

Please get in touch if you would like to organise an event with me.

Photo from Goldsmiths BA Design workshop.

Your body as a research tool

Run in collaboration with fellow artist and TrinityLaban alum Emma Hoette, these intensives for design students incorporate movement and physical awareness into their creative research process.

This playful and experimental workshop offers immediate practical benefits, e.g. presentation skills, research tools and performance-led approaches, as well as the long term advantages of developing an ongoing relationship with the body and movement to inform student’s individual design practices. The aim is to equip you with an embodied understanding that will serve you throughout your studies and career. 

Emma and I have delivered these workshops on the BA and MA Goldsmiths Design Degree courses and at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. This workshop usually takes place over one or two days.

Photo credit: Caroline Irby

Movement and mark-making

I run colourful energetic drawing workshops which explore movement and mark-making. Through experimenting with the different ways the body can move we find out what kind of marks those movements make on paper.

The aim is help participants understand that the ways in which we move our bodies can effect the visual impact we have in the world. This is a workshop for all ages. Parents and children often enjoy taking part together.

The idea for this workshop emerged out of my masters research into Rudolf Laban’s movement theory, also known as ‘effort theory’, or more broadly termed as Choreology. Length varies approx 30 to 60 mins.

Sketch from dance workshop

Dancing and drawing the story – Zoom classes

I also run classes via Zoom. These incorporate a mix of movement, story and drawing activities. Participants are invited to choose a story and a song they would like to dance to. Classes are organised according to five age brackets. 5-7 years old. 8-11 years old. 12-15 years old. 16-19 years old. 20 + years old.

We start the class with a physical warm up. Then we sit down to read the story together. Depending on the age group I might read the whole story or the participants might read one paragraph each. After the story, participants are invited to move according to the images and feelings they noticed in the story. Then we sit and draw something inspired by the story. The class is finished off with a freestyle dance to the music chosen by the participants.

The purpose of the workshop is to encourage participants to trust their intuitive emotional response to a story, how they feel that emotion in their bodies and then process it through dancing and drawing. Length of time: 60 mins.