This photography installation at Shatwell Farm in June 2023 encapsulated the body of work I have been making in Bruton since moving from London in 2020. As an urban interloper in the rural environment I’m taking time to learn the language of this place.

Preoccupied with the impact of human life on the natural world, I noticed neon markings on the woodland trees and interpreted them as warning signals. Soon the controlled management of the landscape becomes apparent as I learn these symbols are a sign language between foresters.

While out and about I became aware of other forces on the move. Something is listening to my footsteps on the land. How, I wonder, can I communicate with that deep presence? As time collapses around me, I find myself walking with generations past, present, and future. Reaching out into the air… I try to make the connection.

Exhibition for Shatwell Farm Open Day, June 17-25 2023.

Curator: Kendra Matchett

Installation: Tom Baskeyfield