There is a space that haunts me, a space so nebulous that it is invisible yet always present. It hovers just at the edge of my vision. This is the boundary between me and the world. It’s a shimmer, a flicker, a reflection – a sensation that one is about to encounter something new, something other. This infinitesimal, in-between moment is where my art is situated.

Through drawing and performance, walking and photography, I map my interior and exterior journeys. I wake up in the dark and run through the woods and fields in the half light of dawn. In crossing sensory and psychological boundaries, my attempts to capture the rush of the ephemeral result in the trampling of sacred ground. The pursuit causes devastation, in that all too human way of corrupting beauty through insatiable appetites.

My search for intimacy in nature embodies the desire for connection and the frustration of separation. I ask the land what it can teach me about how to meet the world in a female body. How to live through celebration, objectification, and degradation? Can I break out of what restricts me? Can I break through to something bigger than myself? The work that results holds tensions between presence and absence, exposure and retreat, frailty and strength.

career and education

2000-2007 – My early career as a maker followed my interest in connecting with the environment through site-specific work. I created sculptural installations for Thomas Heatherwick in London, Marcel Wanders in Amsterdam, Atelier Van Lieshout in Rotterdam, Niall O’Flynn and Jordi Veciana in Barcelona. While learning a lot during that time, in realising others’ ideas I missed a sense of a personal dialogue with the landscape.

2008-2016 – While living and working in the US, Ecuador, The Netherlands, and Spain, writing about design and sustainability, I forged a deeper connection to the natural world and strengthened my commitment to environmental issues. On returning to the UK, I applied myself to design communications. I worked as a visual storyteller, focusing on climate research and social innovation, through my consultancy practice, Elio Studio Ltd.

2015-2017 – Missing the joy I found in making for myself, I returned to a personal art practice, refracting my interests in the environment and interactive spaces through my experience of navigating womanhood. With the idea of putting my own body in the centre of my installations, I entered graduate school to study somatic movement and performance. There I created drawing performances about power dynamics, physical impact and the occupation of space.

2019-2021 – I gained my MFA in Creative Practice from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance (2019), adding to my BA in Design from Goldsmiths College (2004), and my MA (hons) in History of Art from Edinburgh University (2000). Now I regularly teach workshops on using the ‘body as a research tool’ for the Goldsmiths Design BA/MA courses and Trinity Laban’s Creative Practice MA/MFA.

Recently, I relocated my life and practice from London to Somerset, where the rural landscape has swiftly embedded itself into my work.